COMER: Protein remote homology search

COMER is a protein sequence alignment tool designed for protein remote homology detection. It accepts a multiple sequence alignment as input and converts it into the profile to search a profile database for statistically significant similarities. COMER is licensed under the GNU GP License, version 3. Please find its archive file, download and extract it with the command "tar -zxf <archive-name>", and refer to the README file for instructions on how to use the software.

comer.1.04.tgz [177.6 MB]
comer.1.03.tgz [177.3 MB]
comer.1.02.tgz [167.0 MB]
comer.1.01.tgz [167.0 MB]

The following directory contains databases of COMER profiles to be searched against with COMER. The databases are in text format. Any profile from a database can be easily extracted and, e.g., searched with COMER against the database (see the `README' file in the COMER installation package).



Margelevičius M. (2016) Bayesian nonparametrics in protein remote homology search. Bioinformatics 32(18), 2744–2752.

Margelevičius M. (2017) Low-complexity add-on scores for protein remote homology search with COMER.


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