November 4, 2016  Visit of  Dr. Vladimir A. Sirotkin (Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia)

 Lecture "Protein-Water Interactions. Thermodynamics and Functions: Comprehensive Problems and Perspectives"

A detailed understanding of the thermodynamic forces participating in the control of the protein-ligand interactions is required for characterization and prediction of the affinity and specificity of such events. Recent achievements show that the ligand-bound state of the proteins is less hydrated, more rigid, and less dynamic compared to the unbound state.

In this lecture the changes in protein hydration and the related thermodynamics will be implicated as a major factor contributing to the protein recognition events. Characterization of the role of the protein-water interactions requires the use of physical parameters that can discriminate between water solvating various protein sites and water in the bulk.

 VS 20161104